Travis (senior)

I have know this young man for 11 years! he lives 2 doors down and I have watched him from the day we moved in….daredevil, cute as can be:)… here are a few quick faves of mine. His family tagged along on his shoot which made for some extra fun and some silly antics! I wish I could post more but wordpress is acting up! :(



IMG_6233wIMG_6231w IMG_6286w




Just that like, he’s all grown up…. college bound soon:)

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F I F T Y ~ My Birthday!

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” 
― Henry David Thoreau

A few years ago I started the silly idea of doing a portrait of myself every Birthday…so my kids would look back someday and there would be some documentation that I was actually a real person not “just a mom”. That they would remember me being full of life, that I was joyful, fun, I was living a happy life. Funny thing is, I am the one that needs the reminder. I went back a few archives and quickly ran thru the old Birthday posts…and I am glad I have them now. Memories are important to me…good ones even more so. Some people recall their entire life, clear as a bell. Not me. I need a photo to jog the memory. This year I am just glad the Birthday arrived and that I am healthy after a hard Summer and weird health problems. I feel young, I feel good. I guess I am ready to put the 40′s behind me now~ I’ve been hanging onto 49 like nobody’s business. So many highlights in my 40′s…I felt liberated and really hit my prime at 40, my kids were into all their school activities…graduations beginnings…I mean it was packed with memories. I loved the 40′s…but I am not sad about 50 like I thought I would be. I feel like there is this road ahead and its wide open. I have my walking shoes, so I don’t need to run. :)  I am going to start out by receiving all the love and kindness that comes my way, going to let go of the things that bother and upset me. Today is a new chapter. I am crossing over the line~


ok…so I am a little hesitant…


 it will take a bit to sink in…

IMG_9307w Hello Fifty.

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Payton~ Senior year:)

Ballons are never a bad idea~ paired with a puffy tule dress and a pretty girl, makes for a fun shoot. This is part 1 of Paytons senior pics. She will be doing an urban shoot as well~ fun to mix it up and play with your personality and different looks. We all have many sides to us…I can’t wait to see what she brings to the next shoot; it may be super simple. ?   Here are a bunch of my favorites, was hard to choose just a handful. Enjoy!









why not a little black and white :)






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Happy Camper~ (tale of a tiny adventure)

All I need to know about life can be summed up on the open road. You can learn so much by leaving home. It doesn’t have to be a grand  trip either; it can be a ten hour drive to pick up your “bucket list glamper” with the person you love the most in the world. This past Friday we did just that (my love and I), we packed our toothbrushes and a clean shirt along with our phone chargers, 2 peanut butter sandwiches and 2 apples~ ready for our ten hour pursuit of a happy camper that was waiting for us in a large garage in Illinois. We planned on picking her up, heading back toward home 3 hours and stopping for the night~ a nice dinner, sleep in Hotel and be home for college football by 2pm on Saturday. Easy!

As it turns out, 20 miles from our destination and the moment we high fived each other and proclaimed “this was a total breeze”! … storm clouds rolled in and a bolt of lighting hit in the distance just as we hit a detour sign reading “BRIDGE OUT”. This is where the story takes a turn. We back track and make our way to our destination as sheets of rain fall from the sky, thinking the worst is behind us. We are however, IN LOVE with our new purchase and instant friends with the sellers. They’re  a lot of really nice people out there in the world! (they live on top of a steep winding road and like old stuff, just the way I do, they are hiding away…you have to find them). The rain lets up after a bit and we begin the process of hooking the trailer to our vehicle. This should be easy too! Nope. There is some  loose wiring effecting the running lights on the trailer, which leads to no brake lights on our car which then leads to the guys running down the hill with the car and camper in tow to the trailer place that just happened to be open for 5 more minutes, and is right at the bottom of the hill.  Im going to make this short. The “guy”at the trailer place puts some fuses in the car, wiggles some wires…it works! The boys head back up to us girls hanging out in the big  garage… about an hour has passed. I’m feeling hungry & suddenly tired.

 We all “gush” at the camper and sign the necessary transfer papers ~ the sweet couple shake our hands & the girl gives me a loaf of  homemade pistachio bread ( her grandmas recipe! )  We are ready to go! ~ but for some crazy reason as we are in the car, waving goodbye…my husband cannot get the car out of park. (WHAAAT?)  Now we have the manual out. Must be something kooky, maybe the guy at the trailer place did something funky with the fuses?

Three hours later our car is towed in the rain….20 minutes away to a town with a honda dealer. Its Friday night, I am not in a nice restaurant six hours from home, I am in a bucking bronco of a tow truck, no seatbelt on a rainy road. (The driver looks a bit sketchy but ends up being very nice.) We are quiet but not freaking out. The car ends up right in front of the honda dealer door; they have been opened 4 days and thank God are open in the morning from 8-noon. We have nowhere to go but the bar next door. We have only eaten pB&j sandwiches, not even our apples. its 8:30. I could literally eat the entire loaf of pistachio bread, but its in the car. :((  I can hear the Karoake singing from the parking lot. We end up buying the tow truck fellow a beer , eat some greasy  food and drink like locals, taking in the character of the funky joint that we actually like.  The Holiday Inn is right  across the street so we are asleep by 11. Funny those 3 places all in that close proximity ..steps from each other. Thank you God for that.

In the morning our car is ready! we walk over and just like we thought it was a fuse! in the wrong place~ they did not charge us, those great Honda guys:) we are back in the game. Going back to get my Glamper.

S0, here is what I learned while gazing at my sweet Camper in the rear view…feet up on the dash, holding hands with my honey….driving past beautiful corn fields in Illinois…headed for home.

If it’s too easy, there is no story…the radio takes you all over the place emotionally…I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to get out of the rain… my my, hey hey, rock n’roll is here to stay… I’m moving down the highway so life won’t pass me by…while chewing on a piece of grass, walking down the road…I’m going to teach my children well, might go to Boston for the Springtime…throw “I love you” echoes down the canyon and lie awake at night til they come back around …gonna get high in the rockies, can’t help falling in love and surely~ the answer is blowin in the wind! (gosh I love all these songs and lyrics)

* Simon and Garfunkle will put you to sleep, Al Green will wake you back up. Holding hands is my favorite thing , I love to do so while harmonizing to all songs ~

Last but not least, I learned that after 25 years of knowing a person really well, you can learn even more about them, random but important stuff like my husband knows every Gordon Lightfoot song and every line of every Neil Diamond tune. Yup. Even “Shilo”. I did not know this before last weekend. He is also a calm in the storm.  We do not always need words to have a fantastic time together.

This man goes above and beyond for me always. This morning I got a text that just said. “I adore you”.

I share this because I must say, you can have it all. Life is what you make it. Today I am one happy camper:)

“Seneca” ~ appropriately named for our first adventure with her…where we hitched her up and took her away.


Happy Birthday to my hubby (TODAY) who I Love and cannot wait to go on more adventures with :)

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random twirling ~

As Summer draws to an end …I am sort of holding onto these last few sizzling days. I have a bunch of photos to post, random and not so random. I have been on a bit of a break, not posting here, but on Fb and IG instead. Seems easier when I don’t have a whole lot to say. SO many forums and so little time:) I have to give it to the girls that keep up with daily posts on their blogs. I think I got tired. (insert big laugh) . Lack of energy leads to not being able to keep up! Tomorrow I will be in the hospital to fix the short circuit in my heart. I am praying my doctor has a terrific sleep and needs little caffeine so his hands are steady. LOL. Funny but serious! Today and I am running errands,  cleaning up laundry piles and getting a much needed pedicure. I will be twirling around good thoughts in my head~ positive energy all the way around. . .and around. That’s what I came up with as I saw these pics on my desktop waiting to be posted. Anyone seen my desktop? HA! That could be a topic to post about.

the art of the twirl~



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thanks, Maggie