“Prayers answered” ~ baby love…

The most content I have probably ever been was when my life was turned upside down by having a baby. So, I guess this upside down tattoo works:) The crazier the life, the more rewarding at times. This shoot was so relaxed and natural, I love when my clients get me:) Keeping it simple. Here are a few favorites~

IMG_7188wIMG_7239bwwIMG_7163wIMG_7104wIMG_7205wbig sis was not feeling well, wasn’t sure she wanted to be in the photos…

IMG_7151wIMG_7160wIMG_7265wnew baby sis needed some milk so we went outside for a few minutes…


I asked the mom what her tattoo meant. She looked up at me and said, “prayers answered”. Indeed.


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Kelsey~ graduating!

This girl…ahhh… like a breath of fresh air. She has always been a little on the shy side but not so shy, if that makes sense? A bit of an old soul, artistic, a lover of animals and full of talents:) she is going to be successful in anything she does. Cant believe how time flies~ I have know her for about 12 years….she was just a little girl yesterday!!! Posting a few favorites of mine. I wish someone had been there to capture her on my back as we piggy backed over the muddy spots so she would not mess up her new shoes! We had some laughs, waiting on the light to change..sun in and out…crazy weather. Such a pretty girl~ and the hair! Let us talk about the long thick locks….LOVE her:)

her fave quote~

“I think of life as a wonderful play that I’ve written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part”.

Shirley Maclaine


Diptych 2w2 Diptych 2w Diptych 25IMG_6522bwwDiptych 26

I could post 20 more…:)

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Emily ~ graduating :)

When Emily mentioned she was going to be a journalist and wanted to bring her typewriter and some favorite books along on our shoot I was like, “yes”! I just LOVE shooting seniors. They are just full of hope and wonder~ ready to tackle the great big wide world. Our future lies in them. I am kicking off my photo season with these pics and hope they make you smile. Had such fun with this semi shy/ girl with dreams~ and twinkle in her eye. Here are a quick teasers from our shoot the other evening. Ahhh, Spring!

“Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within”.


IMG_5666w IMG_5624w IMG_5606w IMG_5601w IMG_5724w IMG_5553w Diptych 1w IMG_5722w IMG_5575w

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mojo and a muse~

Its February. I am normally hibernating, with my camera in the shop for its yearly tune up; however this has not been the case. With my mojo on empty I bought a new lens (35mm 1.4) and now want to practice with it ~ I called my friend Lisa and asked if I could “play” with her girls, my favorite twins that happen to love dressing up and letting me photograph them. This past weekend and the one before have been quite beautiful~ sunshine and 70’s, pretty much perfect. Just when I was thinking I just can’t take another photo without a months rest….here comes that nudging inner voice, “comon, look at that light, the twinkle in that eye, that energy…”..and I am up and swinging my camera around my neck…off to find the light, inspired by giggles and girls in muddy bare feet in Winter. The light is my muse. It inspires me daily, wether my camera is on the shelf or not. It cannot stay there for long.  Inspiration…it always comes. “My twins” had a friend over…bonus!

 muses and getting back some mojo~

IMG_4510wIMG_4507wIMG_4483wIMG_4499wIMG_4486wIMG_4452wIMG_4455wIMG_4470wInspire and share:)