Good Friday * (photo and quote)

“There’s a crack (or cracks) in everyone…that’s how the light of God gets in”.

Elizabeth Gilbert


I am a little reflective today …on this Good Friday. Not in a fabulous mood or bad mood…just even…I feel lucky to be alive, I live for my family….I love with all that I can & try to give more as it truly does fill my soul…~ I am saddened only by relationships that I wish were stronger but know the path I am on has been set before me, I am trying to follow with Grace and ease (sometimes hard to do). I hope if you have come to this page that you pass it on. We are all just people with broken parts, some healed up , some not…we think people are perfect because they own a beautiful house or car …they look the part on the outside, but the truth is that we all have things that hurt us or bother us. There is no perfect. Open your eyes to the beauty around you~ share it whenever you can…this is good. This is when the crack gets the light and God shows us they way.   Have a happy Easter weekend.

 Love, Maggie  :)

“Sisters” Portraits ~ Nattharika, Daniella & Isabella

Twins are so funny…they feed off each other & are a lot of fun ~ older sister obviously has her hands full with her little sisters! This shoot had me  laughing, I will say that. The twins loved to be photographed and wanted to pose and be kitties and bunnies….:) older sister was more demure and my camera loved her quieter moments. Here are some of my favorites…kids being who they are~ candid and free.
















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Jasmine turns one! Birthday girl :)

I have to say the “smash” cake thing is pretty cute. . . although I am not sure my friend will ever get the pink icing out of her daughters new dress, it was worth it to see her darling face light up at the sight of it…pink gooey goodness between her fingers , on the lips and into the mouth! I don’t remember the day I discovered cake but it must have been amazing~ cause i sure do LOVE cake!  She was so cute~ here are a few pics I loved along with a few of her sister:) they are real beauties.

 here it comes….







big sister~




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“Little Bear”

I have not been up to date at all with writing about fostering, I pictured myself doing daily journaling but its about all I can do to clean house and keep up with bottles and diaper changes with the little guy I have now. He has only been with us a short time but it honestly feels like months. We pack a lot into a day. Kisses, book time, feeding, playing pat-a-cake, walks, naps….lots of love and nurturing. This is what fostering is about~ just giving all I can while I can. He will be gone soon, like the others….(thank God I am still in touch with SNUGS and will forever be in his life)…and I will sit back and sigh & reflect on all that he brought to this house. He has had a rough go….came to us sick with ear infection and “stuff”…and has some medical issues that are being taken care of. Cant really say more than that. Tomorrow is a long day….we will be at the hospital “early”….like before the birds are up…I will wait like I am his real momma for him to wake up, I will hold him and reassure him that all is well by holding his plump little hands & kissing his soft cheeks… and I will be glad its over…and he will heal and be better~ and life will go on… I will breathe easier.


time to rest.

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