First Birthday cupcake smash! (Dawysn turns 1)


 A cupcake and a one year old~….one word. Messy. I love the moment she tasted that pink frosting and her face lit up like she had just been given the best gift ever! The gift of sugar….she will forever love cupcakes after this. She laughed, crawled around, sat and stared at her messy hands, crawled over the actual cupcake and headed for the pool, where her mom quickly grabbed her and plopped her in for a cleaning. Short and sweet~ but pictures for a lifetime.









Charlie and Susan ~ Cheers to 35 years!

I have been an awful blogger lately~ too busy with my life with kids to be on the computer more than quick posts to FB and shooting instagram pics that are easy to share. I realize that by not sharing something everyday I have probably lost a lot of followers :( but honestly am finding it hard to keep up with it all! I just have to blog when I have time and the mood hits me. Having Foster babies gave me a new perspective and I am still processing what that is. With that said~ I am blogging today because I want to share more than one photo and I just think this couple is wonderful. I played around with their photos a bit so Susan will get a mix of styles….B&W, color and some ethereal  B&W’s too….which I am sort of partial to. Here are a few I love from our shoot~ my last shoot in my happy place of trees that are now gone.

This is a couple to admire… they are genuinely in love & after 35 years that is something to not only commend but to share!







share the love:)


Dawsyn ~ random photo Friday

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”  - Elizabeth Lawrence -


I love babies. I always have. I could have 100 babies. . .but not 100 teenagers. :)) lol  I am in the midst of a few edits and am working on them simultaneously which is good and bad. I had to whip out some senior pictures for friends and put baby D on the back burner along with a couples shoot…so pics are all jumbled in my brain. I will be finishing up this sweet little darling over the weekend and may actually get to a bigger post on her~ :) is she not adorable? the hat is just too much ! I want one!

Happy Friday friends~ please share the love.