The Jaques Family ~

What a beauty of a day to shoot this family! We had perfect temps and the golden light again..:) Gosh I love shooting in Autumn. I think I say that on every post lately. It is true. Everyone just seems happier in this weather. Of course today as I type it is FREEZING  here in Oklahoma. Here are a few teasers~

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The Mitchell Family fun:) right at home.

I think the best shoots are totally unplanned, spontaneous, no expectations. Don’t get me wrong, but when people send me pinterest photos in my inbox and say “I want this”, it can be daunting. I mean, You are not blonde, we don’t live in SoCal, the clothing is boutique bought… You get the picture. (no pun intended). I just prefer real life crazy; “let’s shoot on my front porch and just be relaxed”… so glad my friend Kristin is super chill. :) these few teasers capture a glimpse of our little session.

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I was going to post the entire session ending with Kristin climbing the tree out front but I think it’s best to save that fun for them!

Happy Teaser:) Maggie

Gentry & Jolie (my favorite twins!)

I started taking photos of these two a few years back.  I remember when they were born…not so long ago.  Now one has braces, the other not. One cheers, the other plays soccer; they could not be more different if you ask me, but one thing they do have in common are great parents! and they have fun together; silliness prevails and the cute faces get me every time. One has blue, the other brown eyes, both are darling blondes and very,very sweet! Here is to having a twin sister for life.


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Happy Tuesday~ :)