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As Summer draws to an end …I am sort of holding onto these last few sizzling days. I have a bunch of photos to post, random and not so random. I have been on a bit of a break, not posting here, but on Fb and IG instead. Seems easier when I don’t have a whole lot to say. SO many forums and so little time:) I have to give it to the girls that keep up with daily posts on their blogs. I think I got tired. (insert big laugh) . Lack of energy leads to not being able to keep up! Tomorrow I will be in the hospital to fix the short circuit in my heart. I am praying my doctor has a terrific sleep and needs little caffeine so his hands are steady. LOL. Funny but serious! Today and I am running errands,  cleaning up laundry piles and getting a much needed pedicure. I will be twirling around good thoughts in my head~ positive energy all the way around. . .and around. That’s what I came up with as I saw these pics on my desktop waiting to be posted. Anyone seen my desktop? HA! That could be a topic to post about.

the art of the twirl~



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My Heart beat ~ (personal post)

I think I have taken my heart for granted all my life…that it beats everyday, all day, all night….tick tick tick….like a clock, until the day we die our hearts continually beat a usually steady 60-100 beats per minute. The other night my heart went haywire ( it has happened a  few times before but not like this)…it was beating out of control, “off the track” so to speak. It’s common I hear now. It happens to people, more than you can imagine. It’s so scary to not be able to catch your breath, to feel your beating heart race out of control in your chest and neck….my neck was throbbing. SO, after 11 hours I went to the ER, dizzy and exhausted…(why i waited is just pain stupid and in the past now)…my heart was beating at like 188 and higher….the dr. said I had been in a long 11 hour sprint, my heart was super tired. They call it SVT. Super ventrical tachycardia  . The “instant oxygen” felt nice…I knew I was in good hands right away.

 I had not prayed, I had not done a thing but concentrate on my breathing for so many hours and had not realized the severity, but suddenly I was filled with fright and tears rolled out of my eyes….up went the heartbeat and blood pressure. They told me to try and stay calm. HA! me? Ok. I am not writing to tell some amazing story or that I had some huge epiphany, although there is definitely “something” that happened to me ~I am actually writing to journal about my experience for myself…and to share it…run on sentences and all, this is me. I want to remember the moment the Doctor told me they were going to have to give me some medicine to stop my heart. Hello??? what???  He says that they will stop it for a second and it will be flushed thru with saline or something and it should set it back to a normal beat…my heart, “back on track”…. I see the nurse holding three syringes….sometimes they have to do it more than once. They are busy with getting me ready for that little procedure and I shut my eyes quietly. For the first time in 12 plus hours, I pray. I had no energy to pray honestly. I just asked God to walk with me as I have been trying to walk with him. Seriously at that moment, I was really scared and had nothing to do but trust in those around me and God. “You are going to feel really, really crappy, you may feel like you are going to pass out”…the doctor says before they administer the med to stop the heart. I asked him to hold my hand , the one nurse held the other. I felt the effect immediately and remember listening to the monitor beeping….beep, beep, beep……..beep………………..beep………I thought to myself, my heart is stopping. I suddenly felt so heavy in my chest and the weirdest hard sensation in my throat, hard to explain now…a faint memory. He asked how I felt ….I muttered “bad”…he nodded up and down like he knew, then I almost felt like I was leaving . I looked up at the ceiling (ugly, I thought)…at the two big flourecent panels of light. Then as fast as I felt like I was going away  I wasn’t. :) I heard the monitor beeping again…I was coming back and started to slowly feel better. They smiled, the nurses and Doctor. It worked. One dose.

I knew my husband and daughter were out in the hall waiting for news.  My heart slowly felt like my old happy regular beating heart after some time…what relief to have the heart beat at 89 and 79 and 70, I checked the monitor a few times with a crank of my neck. I closed my eyes. Thank You, God. Sooo, this is a wacky blog post or journal ramble, but I have a crappy memory and I wanted to write some stuff down. Don’t judge my writing skills~ I am all over the place today and grammar is not on my list of worries. :)  I am processing things still. Heading to a specialist to figure out what is up with my “ticker”. They think its an electrical issue~ ? Most people know I am wired differently anyways! Im praying for the doctors to figure it out quickly. I am not in the mood for another round of racing heart…monitors or beeps or ugly ceiling panels, shots in the stomach, blood work and hospital food. I like home. Rest is not something I am very good at, but Im doing it. I took a pic of a snail and some flowers yesterday ~ that was about it. Trying to slow down like the snail. feeling thankful for my “regular” heart beat today. IMG_9266w    I could learn a few things from this patient little guy.


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big hugs to Melody and April (my nurses) and that nice Doctor in the ER, can’t pronounce his name….:))and all the nice nurses all weekend~  they were fabulous. Grateful.


First Birthday cupcake smash! (Dawysn turns 1)


 A cupcake and a one year old~….one word. Messy. I love the moment she tasted that pink frosting and her face lit up like she had just been given the best gift ever! The gift of sugar….she will forever love cupcakes after this. She laughed, crawled around, sat and stared at her messy hands, crawled over the actual cupcake and headed for the pool, where her mom quickly grabbed her and plopped her in for a cleaning. Short and sweet~ but pictures for a lifetime.